Philip Hofmacher

is  a digital entrepreneur, personal development coach, author and keynote speaker. His courses have reached over 400k people from all over the world and he’s spoken in front of thousands of people. His expertise is to help people unleash their full by working on their Selbstpotenzial.

“Selbstpotenzial is the secret sauce that can turn an ordinary person into a high performer.” Philip Hofmacher, author of Selbstpotenzial

Philip Hofmacher

The Motivation Myth

About Philip Hofmacher

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Having grown up with competitive sports in Lower Austria, Philip moved to Vienna at the beginning of his studies, where he began to study at the University of Economics and Business Administration Vienna.

There it became clear to him relatively quickly, that he was not made for a conventional career, but was constantly on the lookout for new challenges and that self-determination was particularly important to him. In 2015 he laid the foundation for his independence, by becoming self-employed,  which changed his life in various areas.

Today Philip is a  Dipl. Trainer for professional development and communication and more than 400k people from 185+ countries have enrolled  into  his courses.  Furthermore, Philip was involved in the development of Austria’s most innovative medium, got to know many of the most exciting Austrian personalities, spoke on stages in front of thousands of people and never forgot what it is all about: To enjoy life to the fullest and unleash his Selbstpotenzial.


The medium to unleash your full potential

Selbstpotenzial Book

The German word  Selbstpotenzial is a combination of  the words self & potential. The idea  within this book is to learn how to develop yourself to your best version and unfold your full potential. Both of the authors believe that there is endless potential in every person – including you!

What you will learn…
On 420 pages you will learn…

✔️ How to develop the right mindset.

✔️ How to achieve more in less time.

✔️ How to not only set your goals correctly, but actually achieve them.

✔️ How to model the routines of successful people like Marc Zuckerberg or Warren Buffett.

✔️ How to build an environment that encourages you to perform at your best.

*So fare the book is only available in German. If you are interested  in an english  version,  just reach out to me please.* 

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