Entrepreneurship Avenue – my biggest project

Entrepreneurship Avenue is Europe’s largest student-focused startup event series. It is a journey through entrepreneurship that starts with a series of four Lab sessions and ends with a dynamic Conference. Designed to inspire, encourage and support young people to join the startup scene, Avenue connects students with founders, investors and mentors, providing the foundation that turns ideas into viable businesses.


I’m so proud to say that I got the chance to be one of the four head organiser of the Entrepreneurship Avenue 2017. Together with the three other heads Carmen Aichhorn, Eva Keiffenheim and Benedikt Spannocchi, as well as with the founder of the Avenue Dr. Rudolf Dömötör and his collegue Martin Finkenzeller as well as 37 students in our team, we spent 8 months of hard work to make this event series possible.


During this time I learned how to raised money to finance the whole process and how to convinced speakers from all over Europe and the Silicon Valley to join our conference. In addition I learned how to partner with media agencies and design experts, how to network with key players in our industry and also a lot about project management. In fact it was the first time that I was in a position to manage that amount of people over a long time. For sure not every decision I made was right, a lot of things could have gone better, but still the result was mind-blowing: Over 2.000 students took part in the whole process and 1.500+ people showed up at the conference., but see for yourself …

The Entrepreneurship Avenue 2017 wasn’t only my biggest project, it was my toughest challenge as well as a tremendous accelerator for my personal development and my professional career. Thanks to the Avenue I built myself a huge network, landed a job at my dream company, found new friends for life and even meet the girl of my dreams.