How I built passive income by sharing my passion

I started teaching online in 2015, simply because I wasn’t happy with my presentation and English skills. No clue where to start, I simply tried my luck by creating a couple of power point slides, and talking into the mike of my headphones while recording my notebooks screen. No studio setup, no voice filter, no video editing, no nothing. Simply me being curious about a thing and trying to improve my level of presenting. When I saw the result, I wasn’t happy at all, it felt more like being ashamed. Nevertheless, I wanted to collect feedback on my work and therefore I uploaded the video on one of these online teaching platform, picked a title, entered the description, selected a category, uploaded a title image and published my first video course.

What started as a simple training to improve my own skills, quickly turned into my first paying customers and a tiny paycheck, but what really motivated me was the fact that people where actually giving me feedback on my performance in front of the camera. Some liked my videos, but most of them didn’t. The argued about how I completely misspelled certain words, some said that it was boring, others didn’t like my body language and one person even said they didn’t learned anything at all. That kind of feedback wasn’t easy to receive, but they were totally right and at least I knew where I can start improving myself. Until today I spent hundreds of hours watching my own videos and trying to learn from the collected feedback. This isn’t much fun, but it’s one of the most important things to day. Always challenge the status quo and never stop improving.


Today my video courses have helped over 15.000 students in more than 120 countries worldwide. I’ve earned quite a lot of money from my courses and what is more teaching online has helped me to build a passive income stream. But I’m not done yet, I have bigger dreams and greater goals. So follow my journey or reach out to me if you think I can help you to start your own.